June Newsletter: Five Easy Tips to a Great Looking Landscape

Five Easy Tips to a Great Looking Landscape

We want beautiful landscapes with the least amount of effort. Follow these five tips to make your landscape look the best ever this season.

Tip #1: Fresh Mulch

Freshen the mulch! Great looking landscapes have that “manicured” look and adding fresh mulch makes the landscape look neat and clean. Fresh mulch covers up ugly weeds, roots and levels soil. More importantly, it protects the roots of plants from temperature extremes, prevents weeds from germinating, prevents erosion and improves the look of beds.

Tip # 2: Add Seasonal Color

Install seasonal color! Well placed seasonal color beds will add a bright spot to the landscape. Areas around your mailbox, driveway, front door and garage entry are great locations for seasonal color. By adding an area as small as 6 foot by 3 foot in two or three locations, you can transform the look of your landscape.

Tip # 3: Prune Shrubs

Prune your shrubs! Each spring shrubs grow quickly. The new growth can cover windows, walkways or disrupt views throughout your property. As flowers complete blooming on azaleas, spirea, and hydrangea it is a great time to cut back plants hard. Pruned shrubbery helps create that manicured look.

Tip # 4: Fertilize Plants

Fertilize your lawn, shrubs and tress! Healthy plants, lawns and trees can add as much as 20% to the value of your home and property. One of the safest investments today is to improve your landscaping. In some cases, basic maintenance chores like fertilizing, mowing, edging, weeding and pruning can dramatically improve the look of your property. Steady, scheduled predictable lawn maintenance services can make your property shine all season long.

Tip #5: Add Landscaping Features

Enhance your landscaping! Consider adding a backyard brick paver patio with a built in BBQ. Think of this as adding an “outdoor room” to your home. Consider adding a garden pond to expand your gardening hobby. Nothing relaxes like the gentle sounds as water splashes over a waterfall.

June Chores

  • Complete pruning of azaleas
  • Prune evergreens
  • Prune suckers off of crepe myrtles
  • Scout for pests
  • Mow, trim and edge turf
  • Weed beds and deadhead annuals
  • Treat ant hills
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