May Newsletter: Tips for Water Conservation

Tips For Water Conservation

As the years roll by, it seems that drought conditions are becoming normal, therefore we must become more water conscious. Water conservation is no accident; it is the responsibility of each and every property owner. With that in mind, here are a few recommendations.

sprinkler with May flowers

TIP 1: Fine Mulch

Plants should have a 3”-5” thick cover of fine textured mulch such as pinestraw, pine bark mini-nuggets or shredded hardwood mulch. These types of mulch do a better job of conserving moisture than course textured mulches.

TIP 2: Mulch Rings

Always have a large ring of mulch around trees or shrubs that are planted in a lawn area. The root system usually extends 2-3 times the width of the foliage. This mulch ring conserves moisture and greatly reduces competition for water from weeds. It will also prevent damage to the tree trunk from mowers or string trimmers used during lawn maintenance operations.

TIP 3: Adjust Sprinklers

Have an irrigation audit performed by an irrigation professional. Sprinklers that are not adjusted properly spray onto driveways, streets, walkways or onto sides of homes wasting this valuable resource. Sprinklers should be checked a minimum of once per month during the growing season to make certain they are operating correctly

sprinkler spraying over green lawn with pine trees

TIP 4: Proper Mowing Height

Increase the mowing height on your lawn. The higher the mowing height, the deeper the root system on your lawn. Raise your mowing height 1” and see what a difference it makes during a dry period.

TIP 5: Rain Sensors

Install a rain sensor on your automatic sprinkler system to prevent watering during periods of rain.

To expand on TIP #5: there are endless benefits to having an automatic sprinkler system. It has automatic rain shutoff to prevent overwatering due to natural precipitation, robust and reliable design to reduce service call backs, moisture sensing disks that works in a variety, and different senor mount to permit speed and flexibility on the job site.


  • Rain Bird RSD Series Rain Sensor: $79.20
  • Hunter Wireless Rain Clik: $62.00
  • Plus installation


May’s Special Discount: $25 OFF Spring Irrigation Inspection

  • Inspect all sprinklers and adjust
  • Inspect and set water schedule
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May Chores

  • Prune Azaleas
  • Fertilize Turf
  • Treat Ant Hills
  • Mow, Edge, and Trim Turf
  • Weed Beds
  • Plant Annuals
  • Fertilize Shrubs
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