August Newsletter: How to Get a Great Looking Landscape

Secrets to a great landscape: Mulching Beds!

When a plant thirsts and is severely stressed, overall vigor and production (of flowers) are decreased. Shrubs display foliage abnormalities! Flowers bloom with mediocrity! Trees don’t grow rapidly! Mulching beds are an elegant, inexpensive and easy way to solve all of these problems.

attractive landscaping with mulch beds protecting annual flowers grasses and plants with lawn

There are many different types of mulches than can be used, pine bark, wood chips and pine straw are favorites. Wood chips are long-lasting, lie flat, and do not blow away easily, wood chips come in colors such as red, black and brown. However, heavy rains can move cypress mulch so its recommended to have edging for containment. Pine straw is a low cost, effective mulch that makes your landscape and flower beds look gorgeous, especially when freshened semi-annually

When watering, please keep in mind all water restrictions. Mulch can be a great way to use water effectively and conservatively.

August Special Discount: $25 OFF Mulch Installation

  • 20 bales/bags or more
  • Offer expires on 8/31/2019

August Chores

  • Deadhead annual flowers and crepe myrtes
  • Inspect lawns for mole crickets and grubs
  • Treat ant hills, mow, edge, and trim turf
  • Weed beds and enjoy seasonal flowers
  • Tune up irrigation system and watch for dry spots

Employee Spotlight: Dylan Kemper

Greer Gardens Landscaping employee Dylan Kemper in dirty work clothes next to Greer Gardens truck Daphne Alabama

Dylan always wins “the Dirtiest Shirt” award!!

Hello, my name is Dylan Kemper and I am from Daphne, Al. I went to Bayside Academy my entire life and graduated in 2014. God lead me to Mr. Austin Greer to work for his landscaping company. I was at a rough spot in my life and faith and really was unsure about a lot of things. Thankfully, God intervened and paired me with one of the most spiritual bosses I have ever had, and it helped me get back on track with my Faith.

I would continue to work at Greer Gardens full time up until the start of 2017 where I would go on to continue my education at the University of South Alabama. I returned to Greer Gardens during the May of 2019. My journey with Greer Gardens has now almost come full circle as I move towards earning my degree in accounting and starting my internship in the Spring of 2020. The amazing part of this journey is that I started off as a lost college student attempting to find the path God had paved for me. Greer Gardens helped me locate that path just in time to steer me towards the end of my undergrad career.

I cannot thank Mr. Austin Greer enough for being such a great inspiration, boss, role model, and friend through these last four years. And as I finish up my last couple weeks with Greer Gardens, I close this chapter of my life. So many life lessons and skills I have learned throughout this past four years and I recommend anyone who is young and eager to learn to consider working for Mr. Austin Greer. I want to Thank everyone at Greer Gardens and all the clients I have interacted with over the past four years and I look forward to the next chapter of my life. Thanks for being a huge part of this chapter and God Bless you all.

-Dylan Kemper


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