When you need lawncare you can rely on the team of experts at Greer Gardens. We specialize in a wide range of services from installation, maintenance, and repairs for your home or business.


From the very beginner stages of getting a quote to the final touches, Greer Gardens will be there to guide you, answer questions, and work diligently to meet project goals and deadlines in an efficient manner.

We are a full-service mowing contractor. No job is too big or too small for Greer Gardens. From the moment you contact us for a quote until the moment you walk through your new lawn, we promise to meet your needs and raise your expectations.


Lawn Renovation • Hardscapes • Seasonal Color Beds • Lighting Design • Aquascape


Designs • Irrigation • Sod • Drainage • Lighting • Stonework • Aquascape


Lawn Renovation • Seasonal Color Beds • Hardscapes • Lighting Design • Aquascape








Landscape Design & Installation

Greer Gardens offers commercial and residential landscape maintenance and installation services throughout Baldwin County including:

  • Landscape Design & Installation
  • Integrated Pest Management
  • Pruning & Shearing
  • Mowing Hedging & Trimming
  • Mulch & Weed Control
  • Irrigation Troubleshooting & Repair
  • Construction, Installation, & Hardscaping

Mowing, Hedging & Trimming

Count on Greer Gardens to provide professional lawn maintenance that fits your budget and particular needs. Our team is trained to observe and share any concerns with the landscape as they may occur. We sharpen our blades at weekly and make sure our professional equipment is in prime working condition.

We use mulching with our mowers to return the beneficial nutrients from clippings back into the soil. We also make sure that the grass is cut at the appropriate height and that no more than 1/3 of the grass is cut at a time.

Integrated Pest Management

Greer Gardens wants to keep your landscape in prime condition using as few harmful chemicals as possible. To do that, our knowledgeable team learns the life cycles and signs of common landscape pests and plant diseases. We implement that knowledge to control them at the most effective time using the least amount of harmful chemicals. Greer Gardens team is also trained to observe landscapes for emerging problems and address them as needed instead of pre-treating a yard that may not need it.

Pruning & Shearing

There is an art and science behind proper pruning and shearing of plants. Greer Gardens trains our team on how and when to prune or shear. Greer Gardens uses sharp and properly maintained equipment to ensure that the cuts are clean and at the proper angle to reduce infection. Selective pruning is also a skill employed at Greer Gardens that allows better circulation of air to the plant as well as improving its beauty in the landscape.

Mulch & Weed Control

Mulching is an important part of any landscape maintenance plan. Long leaf pine straw is a common product used because its color is slow to fade, it does not float away, and it adds beneficial nutrients to the soil.

Irrigation Installation & Repair

Greer Gardens offers irrigation services that includes installation of new irrigation systems to repair of existing systems. We are versed on the latest irrigation systems, diagnostic tools, and offer years of training and experience in solving these problems.

Construction, Installation & Hardscaping

Greer Gardens loves to use the myriad of plants, wood, and hardscaping materials to create a functional, appealing, and enjoyable landscape. We take time to create a custom design that meets your needs and desires. We then take time to build beds and properly space plants for long term enjoyment.